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Tene Technologies LLC is currently working with partners on an energy project that will bring affordable electricity to Rural Alaska.


Most people are not truly aware of the vastness of Alaska, the distance between our communities, or how expensive is the commodity most people in the United States take for granted: electricity.


Alaska is over twice the size of the State of Texas and has over twice as much coastline as the entire contiguous States. If superimposed over the Lower 48 States, Alaska would reach from coast-to-coast. In other words, a person visiting Sitka, Alaska would be like a person visiting Jacksonville, Florida. If that person traveled to (the formerly known as) Barrow, Alaska it would be comparable to them traveling to Minneapolis, Minnesota from Florida. And if that person in Sitka traveled to Adak, Alaska, it would be as if the person in Florida traveled to San Francisco.


A traveler can drive all across the “Lower 48” States; it’s impossible to drive across Alaska. There are limited roads going north and south and no connecting roads going from the Canadian border to either Western Alaska—almost 800 miles away, or the tip of the Aleutian Islands—over 1,500 miles away! Adak, Alaska is closer to Russia than to Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage; and the two major metropolitan areas of Fairbanks and Anchorage are at the closest point over 360 miles apart. There are few roads, fewer transmission lines, and no electric grid connecting communities across Alaska!


And while a person in the contiguous “Lower 48” would protest paying more than $0.12 per kilowatt hour for electricity — calling it “outrageously expensive!” — in 2018, residents of Fairbanks, Alaska’s second largest city, are paying more than $0.24 and some of the Villages, where diesel fuel has to be flown in, are paying upwards of $1.00 per kilowatt hour!  Not only is Alaska vast, it is cost prohibitive to engage in commercial developments, leaving conditions in much of Rural Alaska reminiscent of living conditions in second- or third-world countries.


It’s also true that if Alaska were a nation, it would rank among the top ten nations on the globe for raw natural resource wealth. But without the affordable electricity needed to attract resource development, many rural, Native Alaskans who want to stay on the lands of their ancestors are forced to move, or to live in conditions that would be unacceptable to residents in other States!


Tene Hut’aane LLC, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Tene Technologies LLC, is aggressively working to identify and implement technologically viable and cost-effective solutions to meet the growing energy needs of Rural Alaskans and the following business sectors: mining, petroleum, agriculture, and remote commercial and retail operations.


Tene Technologies also has an established relationship with the University of Alaska, exploring ways to commercialize evolving “leading edge” technologies to provide real-time operational oversight and business process feedback, strengthen environmental protections, and improve service delivery for a wide range of potential clients.

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