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Strategic Planning Session

February 6, 2018


The Planning Session was convened to assist Tene Hut’aane to clearly define the results the executive leadership aims to achieve. This Strategic Roadmap is the result of the compilation of input provided by the officers prior to and during the planning session. The Roadmap is intended to communicate how Tene Hut’aane will move forward to develop long-term goals and objectives for the company in a manner that is consistent with the ethics and business acumen of the respective officers and members.


During the session, we talked openly about the purpose and intent of the formation of Tene Hut’aane and began to build a common understanding about Tene Hut’aane present and where the company will be in five years. Our discussion is the source of this written Roadmap and is intended to guide direction, operations and opportunities.


NACA Conference in DC

Tene Hut'aane Reception

October 20, 2016


Governor Walking speaking at Tene Hut'aane's reception.

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